Frequently Asked Questions

I have an emergency - can you help me?

Yes! We provide PostgreSQL emergency support even if you are not currently an existing customer.

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Can you help me design our PostgreSQL Server Infrastructure

Yes, we provide PostgreSQL architecture design services. We will help you define and specify functional as well as non-functional requirements for your PostgreSQL database as well as integration into your overall application architeture.

We will help you design a PostgreSQL server architecture based on your requirements.

If needed, we will also help you design or change your overall system architecture.

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What is the cost of a PostgreSQL Support plan?

The cost for our various PostgreSQL support plans varies based on your environment and service level needs.

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How does PostgreSQL scale?

PostgreSQL scales extremely well.

PostgreSQL supports both vertical and horizontal scaling.

Vertical scalability is achieved through a highly optimized query engine as well as memory management and I/O scheduling.

Horizontal scalability can be implemented in various approachs including partitioning, sharding and replication.

Our PostgreSQL experts provide independent advice and can answer questions about scalability.

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Can you support my PostgreSQL cloud deployment?

Yes. We support both PostgreSQL cloud deployments as well as on premise. We also provide independent advice on selecting an appropriate cloud vendor or hosting provider for PostgreSQL that matches your unique requirements.

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Do you provide commercial licenses for PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is free and open source software. The software license is free of charge.

We do provide PostgreSQL professional services.

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Can you help me migrate to PostgreSQL from my current database system?

If you are considering migrating to PostgreSQL from Oracle, MS SQL Server or another solution, our consultants provide independent advice and professional migration support.

We will help you ensure that the migration to PostgreSQL is a success.

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