PostgreSQL Professional Services & Support

PostgreSQL Professional Services & Support

With more than 20 years of experience using PostgreSQL both as a developers, administrators and architects, we have deep knowledge about PostgreSQL and how to make use of it. We offer a wide range of professional services relating to PostgreSQL support and consultancy.

Examples of assignments we have successfully delivered:

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PostgreSQL Performance Tuning & Optimization

Securing optimal database performance is crucial. Whether you want to improve the response time of a specific SQL query or the overall PostgreSQL server performance, a PostgreSQL Performance Analysis may be a good starting point.

A PostgreSQL Performance Analysis will typically include an examination of your PostgreSQL server configuration, database design, operating system configuration and application design.

The analysis will try to identify likely bottlenecks in your configuration as well as the worst performing queries. Based on that, we will provide recommendations in areas such as:

We offer PostgreSQL performance tuning as a service as well as ad-hoc performance tuning.
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PostgreSQL Commercial Support

If your business is relying on PostgreSQL you need someone to provide support when the software does not work as expected.

While PostgreSQL is both open source and free to use, it comes with no commercial support.

With a professional PostgreSQL support contract from PG Support, you have someone with experience to contact when you need it the most.

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PostgreSQL Architecture Design

Are you in the process of deploying an application or system that relies on PostgreSQL? Or maybe you want to take a step further with PostgreSQL - implementing replication with load-blancing or automatic failover? Or maybe you are just considering using PostgreSQL?

In any case we can help you gather specific requirements and design a database architecture that meets those requirements.

We also offer to do the actual deployment of the produced architecture as well as support migrating your application and data to it.

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